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Selling jewelry locally vs. online

Often, most people think about selling unwanted jewelry to their local jeweler. This is a substantial step, but it shouldn’t be your only choice because it might not give you the best deal. It’s nearly always better to sell your jewelry online. Here are some reasons.

Fair price

Your jeweler may be 100% reputable and honest, but he may have one opinion about the worth of your jewelry.  The local jeweler is therefore likely to give you just one offer. Setting a price for any product is highly subject to individual mistakes and opinions. The grade of diamond or gemstone and their value is subject to people’s interpretation. When you put your product online, you will have quotes from different people, and this can enable you to get a fair price.

Fraud is rampant

The jewelry industry has been known to be rife with dishonesty and deceit. If you are relying on one person to give you quotes, you are likely to get ripped off. Online review sites can help you determine the right people to do business with to avoid falling prey to fraud.


You can fuel your car and drive around your area or town or take a bus or train moving from one jeweler to the next. You can spend hours and even days looking for the right person to buy your jewelry. This will only waste time and money, but at the end of the day, you might not get the right person to buy your jewelry. It is easy to sell jewelry online. Good sites offer excellent customer service and continuously communicate with you via email, text or chat. This puts you at ease and can get you money quickly without needing to leave the house.


Every time you want to sell to a local jeweler, they will try to find ways and tricks to rip you off. There is no transparency. On the other hand, there are applications online that can help you estimate the value of your jewelry within a few seconds by keying in the qualities and dimensions of your jewelry. From there, you will present your jewelry to the highest bidder or at a fixed price depending on your preference. Both the seller and the buyer majorly benefit from the deal because the buyer will only buy what they like without persuasion.

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