Common jewelry photography mistakes that jewelry sellers make

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Common jewelry photography mistakes that jewelry sellers make

It is easy to learn anything through trial and error, but it may take a while. With experience, you will figure out the right things to do. The problem with trial and error is that it is not effective. You shouldn’t waste your time learning how not to take jewelry photos. Jewelry photography comes with unique challenges. The products are reflective, small, and can be difficult to stage for photo shooting. However, it is easy to overcome these challenges. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid when taking jewelry photos.

Unprepared products

It is necessary to clean the jewelry before photographing. The challenge comes from the details that a DSLR can capture in proper lighting setup. The actual size of the photo will be blown up several times, and this will reveal some aspects that are invisible to the naked eye. You don’t want to display a dirty ring to your customers because this will be a turnoff. Always wear cotton gloves when touching your jewelry and wipe it down every time you touch it.

Inconsistent shooting

It is wise to develop guidelines for your photography and follow them. Displaying consistent photos to your customers is essential. Variations will distract your customers and make them think that they are different products. Document your lighting, camera settings, equipment position, and background. Even if you resume your shooting on a different day, make sure that there are no noticeable changes.

Unnecessary props

You don’t need props because they will distract your customers. Some people think that their jewelry looks good when staged or they may want to show it in a lifelike manner by using a mannequin, but mannequin can obscure some part of your jewelry and dominate the shot. You don’t have to use props because they draw attention away from your jewelry. There are many times when it’s necessary to use models, props and interesting locations but those are shots for branding and not marketing your product.

Reflections everywhere

Some reflections can send the wrong impression and customers may end up thinking that the reflection is a flaw in the jewelry. The presence of metal and gemstones creates a technical challenge for your photography. It is hard to shoot objects that are highly reflective without capturing distracting reflections. You can try a double overhead light when shooting metallic jewelry to avoid reflections.

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